Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Snakes and ladders - Maths

At the moment  Evelyn and I have been working on a maths game to make for the class, This game uses decimals and we are recreating snake and ladders but using maths.  We made another  game for the class to use, Mrs Anderson's maths group used the decimal game to order them smallest to largest.  Our teacher suggested Evelyn and I to make another game for the class. What you have to do in the first game is put together smallest to largest in the decimals that we have given to them.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Read 20

We have been doing read 20 for the past few weeks,  i have been reading the stories and then answering the questions. Since ive been doing this  i have been grading to the next levels. The whole class uses Read theory but we read for 20 minutes and Mrs Anderson's reading group uses the Reading ladder. We practice looking back at a text to find information.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sketch note


Over the last few days we have been learning to create sketchnotes. A sketchnote is when we gather information on a topic and record our facts using pictures, symbols and words. The topic that we were doing yesterday was Rio De Janeiro  and the Olympics. One of the things I drew was Christ the Redeemer because he is an important landmark in Rio. It was very fun to do but the main thing was to create our sketchnote to record information in our own words or pictures. I found out that when I looked back at my sketchnote I could tell my partner my learning story.

Cross Country

For the past few weeks LS2 and LS1 have been practicing for Cross country. We train mostly everyday to get better and better for the actual cross country, Mr Ogilvie  tells everyone how many laps we have to do. On this day we had to do five laps.  

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Walk a mile in my shoes - Athletes

This photo shows Evelyn and i receiving a medal from the Rio Olympic. The reason we did  was because we were doing it for the sketchnote we needed to get an image showing a person from your country holding a medal.  First we had to find a image of a NZ medal winner on the podium from the Rio Olympics The find an image of yourself after that you have to crop your face out of the photo and put it on the Image you chose.

E-ako Maths

This is my screenshot that shows what I've been learning on e-ako maths. I have been learning to Match pictures of fractions with their symbols and names. I have completed my work and I will be going to do another set of fractions. I learned that we have to split fractions into equal parts, and you can use fractions with anything e.g " Bread "  Cutting bread into equal parts. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Run Jump Throw

On Wednesday LS2 went to Run,Jump,Throw with Andi. Our topic that we were talking about was Long Jump based on the Olympics. We all had to stand behind the line and then Jump to the next line to see how far we could go,  After doing that we got into our groups and we jumped to the line and there would be a person who would put the cone from where you landed. If you landed the furthest then you would have to stand on the White patch and I was one of those people.